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Exhibit Gallery

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Don Whitson-Let Us Entertain You-The Art of Music and Movies

Running now through May 26, 2019
Reception: March 7, 5-7 PM

Take a walk down memory lane at the Wayne Theatre with the new “Don Whitson: Let Us Entertain You – The Art of Music and Movies” exhibit running February 28-May 26 in the Exhibit Gallery. An opening reception for the exhibit and artist will be held on Thursday, March 7, from 5-7 p.m. Coming on the heels of The Oscars, the exhibit will feature watercolor paintings of some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, including Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger and Johnny Cash. The works will be featured in the historic Wayne Theatre, which regularly shows award-winning movies and features up-and-coming performers as well as many legends.

Whitson’s career has spanned more than four decades, first as an illustrator in the U.S. Air Force, then, a long career in corporate aerospace art departments. In 2010, after 25 years as Chief of Visual Services for the Department of the Army, he decided to leave his position so that he could pursue his lifelong dream of painting full time. He lives and works in Waynesboro and is a member of the Virginia Watercolor Society, the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild and the Virginia Watercolor Society.

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Bruce Frank-Boxing-The Sweet Science

Runs May 30-August 25
Reception: June 6, 5-7 PM (Frank will speak at 6 PM)

Boxing is called the “Sweet Science” because it is all about the art of the counter-punch. A successful boxer must find a perfect balance between hitting and not being hit. In many other combat arts, you are blocking and then defending, but not doing both simultaneously. Boxing is structured in a way where the boxer is required to do both at once. In the abstract, the boxing ring can be considered a place outside of reality. A space where the laws of a nation do not exist. Inside the ropes during an “official round,” a man may die at his opponents’ hands, but legally would not be considered murder. Boxing inhabits a sacred space where powerful, unsettling images of combat are intertwined with boxing’s primordial appeal.

Boxer, collector and enthusiast Bruce Frank first learned to box when attending the University of Virginia. He has competed as a Toughman Champion, Rough and Rowdy Champion and in the Toughman World Championship, and fought as a professional fighter. He was a sparring partner for Marvis Frazier, Tommy Morrison, Riddick Bowe and Ibn Ali, and served an eight-year term as president of the Virginia Chapter of the United States Amateur Boxing Association. Frank is well established in the boxing world and called such greats as Muhammed Ali, friend.

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Gene Provenzo-From Bach to the Beatles and Beyond

Runs August 29- November 24
Reception: September 5, 5-7 PM

The exhibit, “From Bach to the Beatles and Beyond,” provides a survey of different musical traditions that have played an important part in the life of Gene Provenzo. Provenzo is not a musician but is a great listener/appreciator of most musical styles. Jazz, rap, rock and roll, modern atonal music and baroque classical are just a few of the musical genres of interest. In the exhibit, Provenzo explores music through mixed media, sculpture/assemblage and collage.

His approach to doing this type of art is grounded in the French concept of detournement. This involves taking a work of art or artifact such as a book or a kitchen implement and transforming it into something else. Marcel Duchamp did this in his readymade art. The work that is created can be wiser, funnier, more elaborate, streamlined and so on when compared with its source. This technique is one which underlies nearly all of his work as an artist. Provenzo takes images and objects and cuts them down, builds them up and merges them with like and unlike things. He makes small things large and vice-versa. It is more than just appropriation. It is instead, a reconceptualization, a rediscovery, of what is there.



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