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  • The time is Now... help reopen the Wayne Theatre

    • Leaving a Bequest
      Leaving a Bequest

      A bequest is a way to continue support of an organization that shares your values and will extend those values into the future.

    • A New Seat In Town
      A New Seat In Town

      The seat campaign for the Wayne Theatre.

    • Countdown 2 Curtain Up
      Countdown 2 Curtain Up

      Lets work together to finish the theatre that belongs to all of us. Together we can reach the goal and make the Wayne a true community asset.

    • 12 Myths, 12 Truths
      12 Myths, 12 Truths

      Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Fond Farewell to WTA's Gateway

    • Gateway Memories…
      Gateway Memories…

      I didn't realize what the Gateway meant to me and to the City of Waynesboro until I actually saw the empty building.

    • Gateway Memories…

      Two things that will always be memorable about the Gateway