“I look at the Wayne as a catalyst, as an anchor, as something that we can build upon to move forward.”
– Thomas Reynolds, former Waynesboro mayor


“I think this community is ready, a, to engage in a rehabilitation project to preserve the Wayne, and b, to put itself in a position to enjoy the cultural activities that a renovated Wayne Theatre could bring to the community. Not to mention the positive economic impact that we could expect to see.”
– Nancy Dowdy, former Waynesboro vice mayor


“The Waynesboro Players are pleased and proud to support the Wayne Theatre, an undertaking we consider a keystone to Waynesboro continuing to be a mecca for the perofrming arts.”
– Charlie Lawson, President, Waynesboro Players


“Providing children rich resources for learning can powerfully expand their knowledge, spark their creativity, and transform their classrooms. The Wayne Theatre project is one of those things that is good for students, good for teachers, and good for the community.”
– Vermell Grant, Assistant Superintendent, Waynesboro Public Schools


“I grew up in the little industrial town of Franklin, Pa. In the 90s, the town was declining. We renovated the Barrow Theater. Now, every storefront is filled with businesses. My children had incredible experiences there through their participation in the theater programs. Everyone in town was a part of it.”
– LeAnn Brooks, Ntelos


“It’s time to take pride in our community. Stone Soup Books is proud to be a part of this community and supports the Wayne Theatre Alliance vision to enhance our future.”
– Mary Katharine Froelich, owner, Stone Soup Books


“The Wayne Theatre brought high-quality entertainment in a handsome and comfortable setting to several generations of Waynesborians. Through the Depression and wartime, the theater provided welcome relief from stressful times. I am pleased the Wayne Theatre Alliance is dedicated to giving new life to this historic landmark and continuing its happy tradition for the citizens of Waynesboro.”
– Calder Loth, Senior Architectural Historian, Virginia Department of Historic Resources


“The Wayne Theatre Project will play a vibrant role in the cultural development of the community and make innovative collaborations between the many arts organizations possible. On behalf of the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra, I encourage all to take an active role in supporting and providing assistance to this unique project that would enrich all of our lives in the Valley.”
– Dr. Jean Montes, former conductor of the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra


“All historic theaters are important. It’s good for the economy – they’re memories for older generations, and it preserves history. It’s vital to economic redevelopment of a downtown area. It’s a win-win, really.”
– J.P. Poehlman, League of Historic American Theatres spokesman


“A healthy downtown core is an indication of the overall health of the community. Economic developers will tell you that when they are involved in business recruitment, and a company is looking at locating its corporate headquarters in a community, the first place it will look is at the community’s downtown district to get a sense of the vitality of the community.”
– Amy Yarcich, Virginia Main Street Program manager


The Wayne is an ambitious project and requires the type of bold leadership that has been exhibited for years in Staunton. The Queen City has rolled the dice several times and has hit the jackpot with its downtown.”
– The News Virginian Editorial Board


Community Support and Waynesboro Downtown Development Inc. endorsement


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